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Founded in 2020, HemostOD is a biotech company based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

We are a preclinical stage company developing a therapeutic platform based on engineered platelets to provide an alternative to blood donor platelet transfusion.

We provide
Platelets On Demand
for the patients

Platelets are small blood cells whose function is to stop bleeding.

We create a new source of platelets, manufactured on demand, to relieve blood banks and hospitals. An efficient alternative to blood donor platelets.

Universal and safe, our platelets provide a reliable access to platelet transfusions for all.

Beyond transfusions, standardized manufacturable platelets also open the way to new treatment opportunities.

Today, patients with low platelet count (a condition known as thrombocytopenia) only rely on blood donations. These life-saving transfusions are facing recurrent shortage issues and present a risk of life-threatening complications for multi-transfused patients.

8 Million

platelet concentrates

are transfused every year

60 %

of platelet transfusions target 

patients in onco-hematology 

$ 6.7 Billion

represents the global 

transfusion market in 2021

A Unique & Scalable

Platelet Production Technology

Inspired by the mechanisms of platelet generation in the bone marrow, HemostOD developed an innovative solution to produce ex vivo platelets.
Our unique process allows generating high quantities of platelets in a short period of time.


Inspired by platelet biology to save lives.

Our Team

Faouzi Khechana


Laurent Massuyeau

Executive Chairman

Pascal Dammeyer


Laurent Burnier


Elodie Dahan


Prof. Olaïa Naveiras

Faouzi Khechana


Laurent Massuyeau

Executive Chairman

Anton Gueth

Board Member

Yves Glanzmann

Board Member


Partnering with the Swiss Biotech Center

HemostOD partners with the Swiss Biotech Center to pre-industrialize its technology. Thanks to this new partnership HemostOD will benefit from solid expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure in bioprocess engineering.

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We do not have any open position at the moment, but we are always happy to hear about new talents. Please reach out to us by email at the address below.

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