Our mission is to develop the next generation diagnostics using single-cell analysis to save lives

About us

Extracting knowledge from single-cell data to save millions of lives

A new and emerging type of analytical devices produce rich data-sets by measuring hundreds of parameters from millions of individual cells. The resulting single-cell data holds the information needed for early disease detection, but it requires sophisticated and innovative computational approaches in order to extract the relevant information.

We address this problem by developing artificial intelligence (AI) software for single-cell data analysis. The underlying algorithms allow us to associate patterns in single-cell data with disease status, similar to how state-of-the-art methods for object recognition associate pixel patterns with objects. We provide a software solution (ScaiVision), wrapping our AI technology for R&D customers from academia, pharmaceutical and clinics.

We expose complex diseases with high precision at an early stage to improve and save lives.

Our Team

Become part of something greater

In our mission to discover complex diseases patterns through single-cell data, we are looking for bright, passionate, and dedicated individuals who share our values of dream big, make it happen and strive for qiality to join our growing energetic & fun team. We offer flexible working schedule and home-office options

We move discovery of biomarkers through IVD development into the clinics.